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This makes them easy to find when you are out playing as well. We like that these balls are durable and long lasting, plus the colors make them easy to identify. It also gives you the option of using the fetch ball flyer to add another layer of fun to playtime with your pup. Some dogs rip through the most durable and indestructible toys in a matter of minutes. We’ve all been in this situation, staring at our pup asking them – why do you have to keep doing this!

Even without the Ball Launcher, you can use ChuckIt! Whistler Balls chuck it rubber balls for sound entertainment for your dog, or go for the ChuckIt!

It is not a good toy for playing unsupervised, because he will just chew the toy and he can get tangled in the elastic. Just keep it away from your dog when you’re not playing with him and you’ll get hours and hours of fun and exercise with your best friend.

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Designed to be chew proof, however enthusiastically your dog tries to get his treats out. With numerous excellent reviews from owners of intense chewing dogs who are delighted with it. Designed with medium to large breeds of dog in mind, this ball from a trusted brand has been very well received. It is built a bit like a weeble, designed to be bumped with the dogs nose to rock it from side to side and release treats.

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We do encourage as always that you monitor chew time. This will ensure that no particles break off and negatively impact your pup’s health. The Nylabone wishbone gives your dog another option that has a different layout than a traditional Nylabone. The primary benefit here is that your dog can grab a hold of it easier. It’s not recommended for dogs over 50 pounds, and we do recommend you supervise playtimes. This is another long-lasting chew toy from Nylabone that challenges the jaws of aggressive chewers.

Rosewood makes an array of tough and durable toys which are designed to meet the needs of extreme chewers. This cute mint bone is a classic toy that should resist even the toughest of jaws. The only major downside of ChuckIt balls is their high price compared to standard dog balls. However, if you’ve got a dog that loves to chew, we can’t recommend these highly enough. There’s no squeakers in the Ultra Ball, so if you’ve got a squeaker lover, look out for the ChuckIt Ultra Squeaker Ball instead. Are you even a dog owner if you don’t have at least one classic Kong lying around your home? Kong is pretty much the go-to brand when it comes to tough dog toys and they have built up a well-earned reputation for being a high-quality brand.

The reason we rank this ahead of the Wobbler is due to the fun factor. While the Wobbler is generally stationary, the Tux is fun for your dog to bounce around the room as he tries to get every last treat out. Need to get something done, but your dog wants to play?

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